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Below, find some of the best dishes from South India (though there are plenty more to sample) to help you expand your culinary horizons. Photo: Getty ImagesMeen pollichathu is one of the most popular dishes of the Syrian Christian community in Kerala. A must-try at any local snack shop (or makeshift drinking establishment), this dish is often made with karimeen, or pearl spotted fish, found in abundance. abundant in the Kerala Sea. (In the absence of karimeen, you can also use pomfret or mackerel.) The onion and tomato masala is spread evenly over the fish before wrapping in a banana leaf and cooked through. The dish is traditionally paired with rice — but we also recommend a couple of beers to wash away all that fiery goodness, or you can go local and sample some of the drinks. , a wine made from the date palm tree.

Trailer park boys gta grand theft auto trailer park boys shirt

Unlike the North Indian states which rely heavily on dairy and livestock, South Indian cuisine is marked by the heavy use of curry leaves, coconut milk (yes, vegan!), tamarind and black pepper. . Spanning six states—namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and the federal territory of Puducherry—the recipes are as varied as any other, even the dried red and green peppers, Coconut and refreshing tamarind flavors also appear regularly. There is a shift in taste as you go further south: curries become richer and the food a little lighter, while coastal regions tend to use more coconut milk and — unsurprisingly — loves seafood. Meanwhile, states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are known for their spices, complex flavors and variety of vegetables. When it comes to South Indian food, variety doesn’t matter.

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Although I’ve been on a few bike rides in my time, I still describe myself a lot as a beginner. I’m afraid of hitting the pedals, hate going downhill fast, and still haven’t figured out a trick to seamlessly shift gears. But with this kind of trip, no one needs to be a pro to enjoy the ride. In the words of two-time Slovenia Tour de France champion Tadej Pogacar: “These landscapes have shaped the way I cycle.” The best part of all? You can go at your own pace, as the roads will never be as packed with cyclists as Provence or the Austrian Danube route. And that well-deserved glass of Slovenian wine is never more than a short trip away. Due in part to the migration of about two million Tamils in the second half of the 20th century to the West, South Indian cuisine has become one of the most popular in the world. However, the food of the Tamil community, which is often vegetarian and considered by most people to be an introduction to South Indian cuisine, is not necessarily representative of the entire region.

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